A Workshop on Dementia with an emphasis on the Montessori Approach

A Workshop on Dementia with an emphasis on the Montessori Approach
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Author: Madhu Latha K

On 20th April 2019, Pragnya Montessori School hosted the workshop on Dementia with an emphasis on the Montessori approach. This workshop was a collaboration between the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) and Montessori Training and Research Trust (MTRT) to bring awareness about dementia and how to handle it. Renowned speakers with experience in this field have come together to shed light on Dementia and shared their experiences. Dr. Praveen Kumar, a Neurologist at KIMS hospital has shared his knowledge on Dementia and the diagnosis of it. His lecture also emphasized on the composition of the brain and its functioning.

Mr. Greg MacDonald is an AMI Elementary Director of Training who is also a school consultant in the USA. He is a regular speaker at Montessori workshops and conferences globally. He elaborated about his project MAP i.e. Montessori Alzheimer’s Project which focuses on the approach towards elderly people having Dementia and to help them become independent by focusing on their skills and practical life activities. Mr. Greg primarily focused on recognition and identification of Dementia in its initial stage, and the required aid for the elderly according to the needs.

Mr. K. Shashidhar is a trustee at ARDSI. He has shared his thoughts on the role of a caregiver, their burden and the services offered by the ARDSI. Mr. Shashidhar also stressed on the commitment shown by a caregiver to a person suffering from Dementia. The role of the caregiver is crucial and he addressed the importance of good physical and mental health which a caregiver should maintain.

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