Upper Elementary students’ fun filled trip to Warangal

Upper Elementary students’ fun filled trip to Warangal
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Authors: Pannya Gulati, Siri Sonti, Laavanya Rao and Nisthula Reddy - Students of the Upper Elementary Program

On a bright and sunny day, the upper elementary students of Pragnya Montessori School started on their trip to Warangal. We were singing songs and dancing during our journey. We also took a walking sandwich break. It was a walking sandwich break because there were insects buzzing around and we had to keep them away.

Haritha Kakatiya Hotel

We reached the hotel and had a mouth-watering lunch. We had lassi and buttermilk after lunch. Chaithanya Bhaiya asked us to rest after lunch but everyone sneaked out and had fun playing Pokemon and sharing food.

Thousand Pillar Temple

We went to the thousand pillar temple and took God’s blessings. We ate prasadam and went around the temple three times. Some of us went from the right whereas others from the left crossing each other on the way.

Warangal Fort

Four huge gateways welcomed us to the Warangal Fort. We went around to explore the architecture of the Kakatiya rulers. We stopped at one of the gateways and took a photo. After exploration, we spent some time at the local park and ate ice cream. As the sun set, we went to the light and sound show. It was a narration of the story of the Kakatiya Dynasty

Day 2: Bhadrakali Temple

We woke up in the morning, ate breakfast and got ready for our visit to the Bhadrakali temple. We went into the temple leaving the footwear outside. While we were leaving our footwear, an uncle had an argument with Chaithanya Bhaiya and insisted that we do not leave our footwear with an old lady. Finally, we found a footwear stand and left our footwear there. We visited the temple and went to a cow shed nearby.

Journey back home

We went back to the hotel, had lunch and started back home in the bus. Chaithanya Bhaiya shared his story about getting locked up in a large fridge and how he kept running to stay warm. Everyone started sharing their funny incidents. We reached our school in the evening. We were happy and we really enjoyed our trip.

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