Memoirs of a Montessori Adolescent

Memoirs of a Montessori Adolescent
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Author: Challa Sri Medha Saraswathy

The sweetest memories anyone has as a kid are the ones from their school. It is a second home for every individual and people there are like your second family. In today’s world, almost every juvenile spends most of their active time in school and therefore the bond that they have with that place is solely impeccable. 

Our journey with school began at the earliest of our life, almost from the cradle. We did all the possible household works in school, right from cleaning the utensils, washing clothes, mopping the floors, to making doughs of wheat flour and cooking Chapathis. The irony is that all these chores were done by infusing academics into them which made academics interesting and not monotonous. So ideally we never missed our home even at school. I must admit that we learnt morals than anything else in the school. When you clean floors or wash your utensils, you get to understand the severity and the toughness of those jobs. When you sell your goods, you understand how difficult it is to handle the bargains with your customers. When you cultivate your farm produce, you understand the hurdles that a farmer faces. We were agitated when a small caterpillar has ruined just a small area of our spinach cultivation and imagining acres and acres of land being massacred by small organisms and weather disruption gets us numb. Through all these processes of doing the so-called low jobs, we understand the importance of every profession in the society and we learn to respect them. Our helpers and drivers are a huge part of our schooling life, whilst our helpers took care of our physical needs as a mother, our drivers carried us safely to and from the school just like how a father craves to transport their kids safely.

TEACHERS – no words can give justice to our feelings for you. The relation between us is pure and flawless. You nurtured and nourished us physically as well as mentally and taught us with immense patience and passion. You were absolutely loving and compassionate all through our journey. We travelled to places together, away from our families and parents just with the company of teachers. This describes the amount of trust our parents had on you and the amount of attachment we had with you. From enjoying our triumphs more than us to embracing and motivating us in our downs, you have never left us apart nor did you let us down. All the moments spent with you will be remembered eternally and we are bound to you in perpetuity.

Then, friends, how can I not talk about you. We had friendly combats, silly laughs, quirky pranks, and immense joy. Whatever we had, be it fights or laughs, individually or separately, they were only between us; in front of the world, we always stood together and with each other. We grew together, we worked together, we learned together, we lived together and we spent a lot of time together – though togetherness decreased from between 11 people to 4 people, the strength of our bond has just increased.

Coming to sir – last and yet the highest, everybody has different equations with you, but for me, you are the one who has built the foundation we stood on for these 13 years. All these moments that we cherished were created and given life by you. You have believed in us more than we ever did. You were tough, but it has just done good for us as it swerved us into a good direction. You blended with us well by transforming yourself into a kid and unknowingly you turned us into adults by escalating our maturity.

This delightful journey is almost coming to a halt. Every memory is vivid and has engraved well in our hearts and minds. I am not sure how good we have been in getting grades, but I hope we have molded into better adults. This is not a school, it is a living; along with learning (a+b)2 we have learnt everything necessary to become a good human being here. I strongly believe in the fact that 99 out of hundred can crack exams but to become a good individual, it takes hard practice and guts. I hope many more will use this platform to become paragons of virtue.

Even today the only call from my heart when I need to go to school is “Yayyyyyy!!!!” and not “Urghh”! All these years, I have studied for myself; not for my parents nor for my teachers and most importantly not because I have to!

It began as a baby girl in her crib and is ending as a developed teen.

Bestowing my heart, soul, and goodwill…….Medha

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